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system is developed with Delphi for PHP 2.0, product of CodeGear
(now Embarcadero)

JavaScript solutions are based on jQuery, jQuery UI and jQWidgets frameworks

host server is located in Poland

major 2019 version modifications
  • assigning attendees to managers
    + assigned attendees management interface (MANAGER'S PEOPLE)
  • old CREW LIST interface has been removed
    — FREE CREW LISTS has been renamed to CREW LISTS (aka FREE)
    — some of the old functionalities are now inside the new CREW LISTS
  • improved filtering in PERSONAL DATA interface
major 2018 version modifications
  • sending temporary credentials functionality
  • improved procedure of replacing temporary password with personal
    • view password characters functionality
    • recognising a situtuation of input more than 16 characters
    • sending email confirming the change
major 2017 version modifications
  • /natfed is a shortcut of the National Federation subsystem
    ( is a full form)
    the /team shortcut effective in the beginning of year will be removed
  • creating National Team accounts and issuing credentials for Team Manager is under control of the governing National Federation
  • creating club accounts and sanctioning clubs to events is under control of the governing National Federation
  • managers and additional users passwords can be changed in the system
major 2016 version modifications
  • photographs rotating functionality
  • photographs uploading directly from the internet addresses
  • easier operating in the "Free" Crews Lists building with keyboard shortcuts
major 2015 version modifications
  • convenient shortcuts, e.g. instead of
    • /idbf = /login_idbf.php
    • /edbf = /login_edbf.php
    • /panam = /login_panam.php
    • /results = /results.php
  • Contact Person's data must be provided separately from the Team Manager's data
  • registrations starts from the "provsional entry stage"
major 2014 version modifications
  • starting using jQWidgets visual components late autumn
  • data filtering by names or PIN in PERSONAL DATA interface
  • mandatory name of a club of max. length 30 characters - for Race Programme
  • new approach to personal roles (athlete, coach, supporter, etc.) management
  • new domain "" (it replaced "" - hopufully it was last change)
  • searching data by PIN also, not only the last name, in PERSONAL DATA list
  • completely new content of the "competitors list" - especially filtering by gender
major 2013 version modifications
  • so called "Free Crew Lists" - new approach to the Crew Lists building
  • trainings booking
  • new domain "" (it replaced "")
  • age class for a competitor automatically computed and filtering based on it
major 2012 version modifications
  • SSL Certificate added (it is done for, treat this name as trusted)
  • all passwords are case sensitive
  • server is changed, hopefully all operations will be performed faster
  • hopefully sessions time duration problem is sorted out (the system suffered in 2011 of too early closed sessions)
  • hopefully blocked pop-up windows browser setting is well detected and appropriate message is displayed (last year just nothing was happening)
  • many Ajax operations are much improved
  • simple functionalities for manual improving photos quality added
  • functionality for persons list controlling in case of national level events added
information for National Federations
IDBF subsystems diagram
two different types of the club accounts